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Wear glasses or not, to keep your visual system in shape follow the following tips:Eating habits are very important to take care of our visual health. A healthy diet with the presence of vitamins (A, C, E …) and antioxidant elements has many benefits for eye health.

Eye hygiene is also very important. You should not touch or rub your eyes with your hands, since you could expose them to infections. It is imperative that you protect your eyes from the sun with approved sunglasses, which you can find in your view of confidence .

We must avoid unnecessary efforts in our sight. Not carrying the correct optical correction force our eye to an extra effort that is harmful. Little sleep makes the eye does not recover well from the aggression’s of the day.

During the night there is a regeneration of the epithelial cells that cover the anterior face of the eye. It is very important to illuminate the object that we are looking at (a book, a mobile, the TV, etc), but without reflections and without the light directly affecting our eyes.

We must maintain an adequate distance with the objects we are looking at . The TV to at least 2 meters and when we go to read or write try to be about 35-40 cms.