One question that we are asked many times in our optics is the one of How to take care of my glasses?

A few simple tricks will help you keep your prescription glasses in perfect condition for longer

Cleaning – Clean the lenses daily with the chamois provided by your optician-optometrist. Other soft systems that appear may scratch the surface. Remember, a dirty area in a lens is a translucent and non-transparent area, with the loss of visual quality that this implies.

Folded – When you remove your glasses, it is best to leave them folded, so it is more difficult to break them by any accident.

Washing – Wash your goggles with water and a mild soap, and dry them with a fine cotton cloth, if your frame is metallic avoid excessive watering.

Abrasives – Avoid abrasive products, there are specific products for the cleaning of the glasses on the market.

Heat – Do not place the glasses near a heat source, or inside the car in full sun, as they could be deformed by the expansion of the materials.

Rods – Always use both hands to remove the glasses, as this minimizes the risk of deforming the rods.

Footprints – Always attach the glasses to the frame, avoiding soiling of the lenses and leaving residues that may be abrasive in them. Anti-reflective treatments will help keep your lenses clean longer.

Cover – When you are not wearing your glasses, always leave them inside your case, where they will be more protected against any external damage.

Adjustment – Go to your optician-optometrist at least every 6 months to have them checked and adjusted to suit your needs.