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One question that we are asked many times in our optics is the one of How to take care of my glasses?

A few simple tricks will help you keep your prescription glasses in perfect condition for longer

Cleaning – Clean the lenses daily with the chamois provided by your optician-optometrist. Other soft systems that appear may scratch the surface. Remember, a dirty area in a lens is a translucent and non-transparent area, with the loss of visual quality that this implies.

Folded – When you remove your glasses, it is best to leave them folded, so it is more difficult to break them by any accident.

Washing – Wash your goggles with water and a mild soap, and dry them with a fine cotton cloth, if your frame is metallic avoid excessive watering.

Abrasives – Avoid abrasive products, there are specific products for the cleaning of the glasses on the market.

Heat – Do not place the glasses near a heat source, or inside the car in full sun, as they could be deformed by the expansion of the materials.

Rods – Always use both hands to remove the glasses, as this minimizes the risk of deforming the rods.

Footprints – Always attach the glasses to the frame, avoiding soiling of the lenses and leaving residues that may be abrasive in them. Anti-reflective treatments will help keep your lenses clean longer.

Cover – When you are not wearing your glasses, always leave them inside your case, where they will be more protected against any external damage.

Adjustment – Go to your optician-optometrist at least every 6 months to have them checked and adjusted to suit your needs.


FreshLook Colorblends


A contact lens which is also called just as a contact is a remedial, decorative, or curative lens generally placed on the cornea of the eye. Certain delicate contact lenses are stained a faint blue to manage them more visible when engrossed in cleaning and storage liquids.

Some lenses have a UV safety surface treatment to decrease UV mutilation to the eye’s natural lens. Few other decorative lenses are with intent colored to change the appearance of the eye. Contact lenses to change the color of the eyes can be purchased from fresh look color blends.

They provide disposable contact lenses to add more beauty to the eyes. Their contacts are awesome. Not only are they cozy and reasonable; they are appealing on top. They appear so real. Depending on your true eye color, you can choose fresh look color contacts to change it.

I would extremely put in a good word for this contact lenses to anyone prepared to alter their eye color. So there is no use waiting, do rush to the stores for a good looking contacts.


Seeing with Style and Value


Eyeglasses are frames holding lenses worn in front of the eyes, usually for eyesight adjustment or eye care. Safety glasses in a way provide eye protection from dust, pollution or from radiation.

Sunglasses let enhanced vision in dazzling daylight and could possibly save from damage against high levels of ultraviolet light. Eyeglasses can be purchased from optical stores once the prescription is given by the ophthalmologist. You can also buy prescription eyeglasses online. The eyeglasses are being on sale in optical seek stores.

The people offering eyeglasses have launched their stores online on the internet for the benefit of online shopping. The eyeglasses combine the ability of the World Wide Web with the superfine writer, choice, and price for glasses and lenses. The candid company glasses are also claimed by choosing copy, call, size, music and additional features.

With the use of forward looking field such as the expression ‘see the glasses’ groups for basic model glasses, rimless glasses, eyeglasses and much more can be told. We can also seek out the eyeglasses by colors. There is an option to blend customized lenses with category, poly-carbonate covering, principles to shift lenses and sports lenses.